Possible Causes of Mucus in the Stool

October 8, 2009 0 Comments

Under normal circumstances, our intestine produces mucus in varying amount to maintain proper fecal ellimination and moisture within the colon wall and lining. Keeping it lubricated so as to smoothen the passing of stool or fecal matters.

What is a mucus?

Mucus us a sticky, slimy, jelly-like substance produces by different organs of our body. Most noticeably our nasal organs or nose exhibits this very regularly or when a person has common cold or related illness. Internal organs like liver, lungs, and the intestine also produces mucus. Mucus comes in varying colors ranging from water-clear to greenish yellow, and may sometimes appear redish when blood there is blood mixed into it.

Because we are dealing here with colon health, we will be talking about possible causes mucus in the stool.

Firstly, it is normal to have mucus in the stool. As a part of a regular and normal functioning of the intestine, both small and large intestine, secretes mucus. when a person suffers from colon illnesses such as constipation, diarrhea, ibs, etc., the colon produces more than the normal amount of mucus. This increase of secretion of mucus is a natural body reaction to the illness, it also serves as a defense mechanish and allows the organ to heal itself properly.

Secondly, increase mucus in our stool would mean that there is something wrong in our colon. Sometimes, it is a signal that a bigger and more serious problem than a constipation is existing. It could very well indicate a colon disease such as Chron’s disease or perhaps ulcerative Colitis, especially when the occurence of the increase of mucus coincide with the time that your bowel movement changes or when it lasts longer than a few weeks, or when there is traces of blood in the stool. That would definitely signals a problem. It would be best to consult a physician at that stage so that you can be given proper advice and tests could be conducted. As a wise saying goes, “An once of prevention is better than…”, well you know how it goes.

Our body is complete with everything to heal itself naturally, it is also complete with defensive mechanism, listening to our body signals, and really be cognizant in a daily process will do a person great benifit down the road. Problems in our digestive systems usually comes up in out stool.


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