Mucus on Stool During Pregnancy

June 10, 2011 0 Comments

mucus-pregnancy During pregnancy, women may be constipated because of hormonal changes or because the uterus compresses the intestine. And some instances have excessive mucus on thier stool.

Many a times it has been found that the excess body fluids are excreted along with stool in the form of mucus. However, if the condition persists and is accompanied by abdominal pain or bleeding, then it may mean that you are suffering from some underlying condition, and in such cases you need to get medical attention immediately. There may be several possible causses of mucus in stool during pregnancy and the most common being infection in the digestive tract or the intestine. The following conditions are some of the most common causes of mucus in stool during pregnancy, to give you enough knowlege and information on the reasons behind the condition and take necessary steps.

Most common causes of mucus in stool during pregnancy:

The most common issues or condition pregnant women face is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), this is a condition where the linings of the intestine are infected by bacteria. Symptoms includes nausea, bloating, sometimes abdominal pain accompanied by abdominal muscle cramps, diarrhea and constipation. If you are pregnant and experiencing these symptoms, it is most likely that you have IBS. It is best to consult your doctor right away.

Another condition is Ulcerative Colitis. When you have Ulcerative Colitis, you will have blood and excessive mucus in your stool due to inflamation of the large intestine particularly the latter part of it. You will or may experience cramps and pain in the abdomen area, bleeding in the rectum and or diarrhea.

Another condition is parasite infection of the intestinal tract, causing bloody mucus discharge or somewhat redish mucus discharge. As the immune defense system of the body is altered during pregnancy, due to increase demand of the fetus, it is lessened in other areas of our system.

One other cause would be fissure in your anal openning. This fissure causes bloody stool and excess mucus discharge. It is a condition where the edges of the anus has cracks and you experience extreme pain in that area. Our body responds by increasing the consentration of mucus in that area.

Although mucus in stool is not a serious problem, at pregnancy, it is advisable to always consult your gynecologist or any medical experts on this matter just to ease your mind and relieve you of the stress of having such a condition.

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