Fruits and vegetables juice aid in colon health

November 23, 2009 0 Comments
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It is important to eat fruits and vegetables because it provides health benefits. A person who eats more fruits and vegetables are likely to have little risk of chronic diseases. Fruit and vegetable juice is the ultimate key to giving a brighter, energetic life and truly optimal health. There are micronutrients in fruits and vegetables that are lost when they are heated. Cooking and processing vegetables and fruits destroys some of the important micronutrients by altering their chemical composition.

Fruits and vegetable juice provide our body with more nutrients. Juicing allows you to consume more vegetables than you usually eat. Our body needs the finest nutrient to be healthy. Nutrients are needed by our body too keep our organs healthy too. Though drinking fruit juices and vegetable juices is not a cure to diseases but it will help us to have a healthy lifestyle. It is also good to have a variety of vegetable juice, because by having a spice of vegetables and a variety of fruits you will have an optimum amount of nutrients.

If possible it is good to juice organic fruits and vegetables. Non-organic fruits and vegetables my contain pesticides. So when you juice non-organic fruits and vegetables the tendency is you peel fruits skin in order to remove chemical residue contents in higher concentration. But sadly most of the nutrients are found in the peel of fruits and vegetables.

Fruit juices tastes delectable than vegetable juices; be careful of spicing fruits and vegetable juices, it is better to have fruit juice and vegetable juice separately. Fruits juice is good in cleansing colon. Fruits and vegetables are good colon cleansers and they are easy to digest when eaten, but when you juice fruits and vegetables, some cleansing properties are lost so it is better to eat fruits and vegetables rather than juicing them.

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