Does Colon Cleansing Work?

September 29, 2009 0 Comments

Considering that we consume lots of foods everyday, some are not beneficial to health like processed foods, junk foods, sodas and even fresh fruits are filled with chemicals when they are planted in soil, still we doubt whether to cleanse our colon or not? And if we do, on the back of our mind ignite a question, why am I doing this? Does colon cleansing really work? You have seen proof from any one, any source or even a proof to yourself how colon cleanse removed all the impacted feces in your system. Colon cleanse was been around for so long. During Stone Age times colon irrigation was already introduced as part of their hygienic routine. The only difference is that, before they use bamboo tube and fresh water from the river to flush out toxins and they do not follow medical procedure, therefore flushing out of toxins before causes infection. After that age, colon cleansing has long been ignored until early 80’s when colon disease have been popular in western countries. To date colon cleansing have been renowned worldwide but its effect is until now still being debated. The jury hasn’t found the issue appealing yet.

Physicians and Holistic practitioners have a contradict belief when regards to colon cleansing. Physicians say colon cleansing is not necessary, after all our large intestine knows its function of excreting feces from our system. Holistic believe that like any other part of our body, like the skin no matter how clean it may look we still need to take a bath use soap to get rid of germs. Our mouth and teeth needs to be clean by using toothbrush to take away food debris that has been left in between our teeth, to make it feel fresh and free from cavity. Holistic practitioners believe that even though we expel feces from our system but it is not enough, over the years fecal debris are impacted to our colon walls that eventually when not removed will produced toxins. The decaying of these waste materials are the roots of diseases and parasites, which is why they believe colon cleansing is necessary and therefore colon cleansing really works in keeping us totally healthy.

So if you may ask does it really work? Yes it really works! Ok you remove bowels everyday, but are you sure that your colon has expelled all the wastes inside you? If you touch your feces, its texture is quite pasty no matter how hard it is. Its same reason why tiny wastes are being left in the intestinal walls and over the years these tiny debris are impacted in the intestines which causes toxins and other diseases and it cannot be removed during daily bowel movements so colon cleansing is necessary. Colon cleansing work by eliminating those toxins inside us. A bloated abdomen is caused by impacted fecal matters, when you clean your colon you will see a dramatic decrease in your belly this is because impacted feces are expelled from your intestine. If you have so much acne in your face and no matter how you use anti pimples but pimples are still so stubborn that it doesn’t get rid off. Try doing a colon cleanse, in a month you will see how your pimples will disappear. This is because a toxin inside our colon enters the bloodstream and it is finding ways to get out of the system. Skin pores are often an outlet for them to get out. And when it does, there is a change of sebaceous gland activity. Our sebaceous glands produced much oil in a form of whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. If there will be no toxins in our bloodstream, our sebaceous glands will have a normal activity so you won’t have to worry about pimples.

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