Constipation After Surgery

April 15, 2010 0 Comments

Even when you are not constipated but if you go through surgery, it is very hard to remove bowels. One common reason is that, the pain felt in the lacerated area where surgery was performed is so intense especially when you exert effort to remove bowels. Another reason for constipation after surgery I that pain relievers taken as medication can cause constipation.

Before entering to surgical room for surgery procedure, you will be instructed to refrain from eating foods and taking in liquids such as water. In other words there is food abstinence during the period of surgical procedure until surgical is done and about half day of food abstinence after the surgery. That means your body may have too little fluid and no food intake and that can alter the normal routine of bowel movement. The feces become hard and dry. Food, though sometimes is the cause of constipation but it is also the food we eat that stimulate our digestive system to function and contract normally. Change in diet and non-ambulatory position after surgery also cause constipation.

Body motion such as getting up, walking and doing something or any physical activity triggers your colon to remove stools. When you are under surgery, it would take several days for you to lie in bed with less or no motion at all. This inactive position in the hospital causes the intestinal walls to be inactive also, the tendency is for you to develop constipation. What most of us know is that, anesthesia puts us to sleep so that we may not feel the pain or we may feel it in a numbness way. But the true effect of anesthesia is this, it paralyzes the muscles so that we became numb and we can’t feel the pain. Muscles that are being paralyzed temporarily are he muscle from the intestine, muscles from the arms and legs. What it does is it stops the muscles from contracting.

Constipation is a common problem after surgery and during the period of recovering surgery, this is worsen by severe pain and discomforts. Common parameters  that contribute constipation are anesthesia, stress and anxiety, dietary changes, medications and inactive physical activity. Patients, after surgery suffer the following, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, sometimes vomiting, hard stools and inability to remove bowels. Constipation is not a hindrance in recovering from surgery. Constipation is jus one effect after surgery but not a complication after surgery.

If you are in a situation, you have to think certain action in order for you to minimize constipation after surgery.
•    Try to move your body occasionally. Start from moving your hands and legs. Then try to move your upper body by sitting down. If you can manage to walk a little steps then that’s better. This kind of activity does not only help in alleviating constipation but it also promotes healing.
•    If you can tolerate the pain from surgery limit intake of medications to relieve pain as this drugs causes constipation.
•    Eat only fiber foods and soft foods such as vegetables, fruits and soups. If possible avoid eating meat and rice.
•    Drink plenty of water. Water aid constipation and at the same time it promotes healing of wounds.

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