Popular Colon Cleanse Drink Recipes

September 30, 2009 0 Comments
There are many kinds of colon cleanse drink in the market. Colon cleanse is so well known that products are displayed every where. The question is which product is best and most of all safe? There are many ways to enjoy while taking colon cleansers. Why not make your own colon cleanse recipes?
Psyllium and Ginger
Psyllium is the most effective natural colon cleanser. It is fun to note that you can actually make home made Psyllium recipe. Ginger is also good remedy in flushing out body toxins. You can combine the two. Here is how to make it. Measure 1 teaspoon each of Psyllium and ground Ginger. I advise you choose organic Psyllium husk. Psyllium helps to bind all together the wastes and flush it out. Ginger in the other hand helps to stop flatulence, disinfect the intestinal walls and get rid of parasites. Place the two main ingredients in a jar or a drinking glass that measure approximately 250ml. Pour natural or organic apple juice and stir until all lumps are dissolved. For added variation you can use a blender. There you already have Psyllium colon cleanse. You can drink it right away.
Lemon and Cayenne
Lemon is so popular that it is not only use for colon cleansing but can also be used as beauty regimen. Lemon gives our organs peace by simply eliminating toxins not only in our colon but also to other organ especially the skin. Lemon gets rid of toxins and mucoid plaque. Cayenne however, breakdown the mucus for easy flushing out. Here is how to do it. Prepare 4 table spoons of fresh lemon fruit. Squeeze the juice. ½ teaspoon of cayenne. Place the two main ingredients in a drinking glass (250ml) stir together in a tap clean water. If the mixture is too hot add maple syrup. Not sugar and definitely not maple flavored sugar. Drink right away the mixture. Lemon and cayenne mixture is recommended to drink up to 5 glasses a day for one month. It is best to take this in an empty stomach. You can also substitute Calamansi when Lemon is not available.
Sea Salt colon cleansing
Salt gets rid of fecal wastes from our intestine. It helps clean our intestinal walls, brings back the natural peristalsis movement of our colon. Prepare a glass of warm water approximately 250ml. Place ½ teaspoon of sea salt or rock salt mix thoroughly until salt is dissolved. Drink mixture in the morning in an empty stomach after waking up from sleep.
Green papaya colon cleanse
Papaya has a very powerful enzyme called papain which can dissolve solid fecal wastes and mucus plaque. This plaque is the breeding ground of parasites. Green papaya contains so much papain than the ripe one. Here is how to do it. Prepare about 200 grams of green papaya. Slice it, put in a blender, add 1 glass of drinking water approximately 250ml. Blend and drink. Papaya cleanse is best drink first thing in the morning with an empty stomach.
Water cleanse
Water cleansing or water fasting is the most effective way of detoxifying the colon. But it is also the most difficult. Since in water fasting, you will not introduced anything in your stomach aside from water for three days to one week. This process can make you feel real weak. Complete rest is important when you decide to have a water cleanse. Drink plenty of water as if your main meal is the water. No juices please just plain purified drinking water. Avoid any form of activity like when you are conserving your energy.