Will a Prune Juice Laxative help with my constipation or is it just a myth?

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A lot of people are aware that the health of our digestive tracks or particularly the large intestine commonly known as colon have adverse effects on the health of our whole body, not only physical health but also mental health. When our colon is unhealthy or diseased and full of toxins, this toxins enters our bloodstream through the process of intoxication. When our bloodstream becomes dirty it also affects the brain. Commonly we experience mood swing. Another tangible effect of this unhealthy condition called constipation or the hardening of stool due to inadequate digestion or lack of it.

With this said, you may wonder what are my best herbal and natural remedy for cleansing the inside of my body and avoid if not irradicate this condition of constipation?

One very good natural remedy is eating of Prunes. A Prune is a variety of plums. Prune juice is made by steaming prunes until it is softened and pureeing then juice is squeezed out. Prune juice contain a natural laxative known as isatin. Prune juice is high in insoluble fiber. Each prune fruit contains 6% of dietary fiber. Prune juice is good remedy for constipation. It is also high in anti oxidant.

What are its Benefits?

Regular drinking of prune juice has many benefits. The purple liquid of prune juice releases so many vitamins and minerals that helps in keeping the body from diseases. Prunes are high in antioxidant known as phenols. Phenols remove toxins from body tissue. It is also high in beta carotene and vitamin A which helps to protects us from free radicals. Insoluble fiber contents in prunes are very beneficial to our intestine and liver. These two organs are known for its function in expelling toxins from our body.

How Does Prune Juice helps relieve Constipation?

Prune will definitely help with your constipation. Prune juice by itself is good in dealing with constipation and is a very good natural laxative. The natural content of isatin in prune juice induces production of fluid secretion in the intestine that helps in the passing of stool. When there is enough production of fluid in the intestine (not mucus plaque) it also stimulates rapid contraction of the intestine thus it promotes bowel expulsion and also expulsion of long been kept wastes from the colon. The highlights in keeping our digestion healthy are eating a lot of insoluble fiber. Prunes are so rich in insoluble fiber. Another excellent thing about prunes is that prunes is also a good source of sorbitol. Sorbitol is a non stimulant laxative. It works by accumulating water into the colon and expel feces. The processes of isatin in our colon produced stimulating effect to the intestine and improve peristalsis movement of the intestinal lining to promote regular bowel movement. Soluble fiber in prunes not only helps in digesting and eliminating foods but it also lowers cholesterol, normalizes blood pressure and aid in avoiding heart disease.

Prune Juice and Your Baby

Prune juice is so mild that it can also be given to babies as young as two months and are constipated. Prune juice is absolutely a good choice to prevent constipation in younger children. The amount to be given does vary from child to child. It will be best to consult your pediatrician or a certified professional about this matter.

When is the Best Time to Drink Prune Juice?

It is not a myth, it is a fact. If you are overly constipated, drinking two glasses of prune juice daily is beneficial. One glass in the morning when your stomach is empty and one glass in the evening before going to bed. The right schedule in sleeping during the night is three hours after dinner. So if you eat your dinner at 7pm your sleeping schedule should be 10pm. If you want to sleep early then have your dinner early too. This is to give our digestion ample time to digest food.

Is Prune Juice Addictive? Does it Have Side Effect?

Prune juice is a non habit forming which means, you can drink it daily like any regular juice drink. Prune juice is a natural stool softener. It helps you move your bowel in a daily basis. It helps you prevent constipation and helps with the intestine to have a normal peristalsis movement. Eating prunes or drinking prune juice will significantly improved regular bowel movement. Becuase it is natural, it does not have side effects that is harmful to your body.

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