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Kids being kids are naturally cranky when it comes to taking medicines.  Fortunately, suppository for kids was created and just like adults, many kids today are being treated for a lot of ailments using suppository specially treatment for constipation.

Glycerin suppository for kids is used as laxative to relieve constipation. If your child has not had a bowel movement for more than 4 days or experience dark stool or abdominal pain, it may be the time to use glycerin suppositories.

It is best to consult your doctor before starting any treatment especially if your child is still a baby. Some kids might be having some other medical conditions like allergies. Always make sure your doctor knows about these health problems for appropriate treatment of your child. Doctors often suggest cutting suppositories and using a piece of it every time your child has a problem.

Suppositories should be easily inserted an inch into the rectum. When placed insidethey will start to work as laxative. Suppository is a hyper-osmotic substance that irritates the lining of the intestine, and lead to softer stool and excretion of the intestine content.

Here are some simple instructions that may help you on how to properly administer a rectal suppository to your child.

  1. Wash hands with soap and water before inserting the suppository into your child’s rectum.
  2. Let the child lay down on its side, one leg bent to chest. If administering to an infant. Let the infant lay over your lap.
  3. Before inserting the suppository do a test first to see if the suppository is firm by running it under a cold water.
  4. Use a medical or surgical gloves to avoid contamination of the rectum or if you have long fingernails that may harm your child’s skin.
  5. Gently separate child’s buttock using your thumb and middle finger to expose the anal canal.
  6. Dip the suppository first in cold water.
  7. Gently insert the blunt shape of suppository directly to anus.
  8. Press the anal canal gently to avoid suppository from coming out.
  9. Remove your finger and check if the suppository is still in the anus. If the suppository is inserted well enough it should stay in place otherwise if it comes out, gently insert again further.
  10. Let the child remain in his/her position until the urge to remove bowel is felt.

Remember to always wash your hands.

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