Colon Cleansing Home Remedies

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Common ailments such as abdominal pain, abdominal bloating, diarrhea, constipation, headache, fatigue depression can be treated by simply cleaning the colon. Impacted wastes are often the cause of all the illness and diseases anyone can experience. Impacted waste are believed to putrefy and release toxins in the body. Medically speaking, colon cleansing is done through hydrotherapy such as enema and hydro cleanse but this kind colon cleanse can only reach the rectum thus the full length of colon is still dirty. Taking of supplements can have side effect because probably of the way it is packed and the nature of the way it is repacked. The only safest way of cleaning the colon is by changing once diet. Diet that consists fresh fruits and vegetables. Fibers also contribute so much of cleansing the colon, in fact it is the number one ingredients to any colon cleanser supplements.

Banana is also used as home remedy for Ulcerative colitis. Banana is so smooth and easily digested has also a little laxative property. Eating two bananas a day relieves ulcerative colitis and may even promote healing.
Buttermilk as home remedy for ulcerative colitis. A glass of buttermilk everyday is also effective for ulcerative colitis. Drinking one glass a day of young coconut can also relieve ulcerative colitis.
Home remedy colon cleanse is convenient and affordable. Most people would often prefer to have home remedy when they are constipated. Reason is that some are not comfortable confining their colon problem.
If vegetables and fruits are not available, you can but colon cleanse supplement to aid from constipation. In choosing which supplements to used always read the label and come to know the ingredients if its really safe for you.
If you are not familiar with the ingredients, some supplements used scientific name try to search what ingredient  it is. One natural way of cleansing colon and expelling fecal matters is by eating papaya. Papaya is rich in papain. Papain is a cysteine protease enzyme meaning it consists 212 amino acids. It breaks down proteins. Papain can break down even the toughest meat fibers and has been utilize in South Americans thousand of years ago. In the absence of papaya, pineapple and kiwi fruit can be substituted because it also carries cysteine protease. A home remedy means to treat or cure disease and illness by using spices, vegetables, herbs and other similar items. It may or may not have medicinal properties.
Another home remedy for colon cleansing is eating variety of fruits and vegetables and avoiding junk foods and rice. Eating mix leafy vegetables such as radish leaves, cochorus (saluyot) and sweet potato taps are very high in fiber. These green leaves promote urge to remove bowels. Once you include large amount of fiber in your diet, there is no reason why you cannot expel feces from your intestine. Natural fruit juices also helps in promoting regular bowel movement. Minimize eating high calorie foods and fats if you want to have a regular bowel movement. Drinking lots of water is the most prescribed home remedy in constipation. Increasing the amount of water intake not only cleanses the colon but it also cleanses the body. Eating lots of fiber associated with exercise has the positive effect on healthy body function.

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